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This site is dedicated to the study of Viktor Rydberg, his life and works.

The site is my private project. I am responsible for all content, and all errors, therein.

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There is an extensive scholarly literature on Rydberg (almost wholly written in Swedish). I've read it all... Some of the most important titles are listed in the Swedish section of the site. But in the end all views and interpretations are my own.

About me

foto These pages are the work of an amateur. I am a librarian at the Chalmers university of technology; my academic background includes Physics and History but not Literature. I have published a paper in Samlaren, the journal of studies in Swedish literature, and a number of shorter studies in Veritas, the journal of the Viktor Rydberg Society.
I have also written a book - Den trogne smugglaren (Atlantis, 2005) - on the use of symbols in Rydberg's prose and poetry.

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